The BEST summer activity!

Float down a perfect lazy river with your friends - only 30 minutes from Ottawa.

Float in style

Will you choose the Pink Flamingo, Rainbow Unicorn or Fresh Pineapple? Or go all-out with the Big Blue Party Float (fits 5 people). Of course you can also add in some paddle boards!


You can hop off your floaty in Wakefield. But where to start? All along the river are high cliffs. Luckily we found the perfect launching spot that is super easy to reach. Pick up your floaties and we will give you a map!  

Big blue party float

Our Big Blue Party Float fits 5 people and has cup holders and a built-in cooler. What else do you need for a perfect summer day cruising down the lazy river with friends?!

Full Day


Add small floaties

Expand the fun! Tie a Pink Flamingo or Rainbow Unicorn to the Party Float.

Per small floaty


Go Big or go home

Rent the biggest, baddest floaty of them all. Coming next summer.

Contact us to get a quote.

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