Float Down River with Sup Adventures!

We just found out the BEST thing to do this summer! Listen to this: you can do a Down River Float only 30 minutes from Ottawa. WHAT?! Grab your friends today and jump on a pink flamingo, rainbow unicorn, fresh pineapple or the Sup Adventures Blue Party Float that fits 5 people!

For people who want to... relax!

The river is a perfect lazy river. It is wide, calm and fresh. You will be surrounded by magnificent nature: forest, cliffs and cute cottages. You won't even believe you are so close to the city. Wave to the other people floating down the Canadian wilderness, take a refreshing jump in the water or take a stop at many of the rocky islands.

For people who want to... party! Remember that Sup Adventures Blue Party Float that we were talking about? It has cup holders and a built-in cooler #partyontheriver. You can also bring our Water Proof speaker and Dry Bag for a full day of floating fun.

So, let's plan your awesome day of Down River Floating:

1. Give us a call at 8196645476 to rent small floaty, the Blue Party Float and/or Inflatable Paddle Boards

2. You can hop off your pink flamingo in Wakefield. But where to start? All along the river are high cliffs. Luckily we found the perfect launching spot that is super easy to reach. Pick up your floaties and we will give you a map!

3. Have the best #summer day in Canada, ever.

See you soon! Happy floating!


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