Things to do in Ottawa This Summer!

This winter seemed to be extra cold in Ottawa. With temperatures dropping below -15 Celsius a bit too often, creating layers of ice onto the fluffy snow. It looked never-ending but, yay! Summer is finally right around the corner.

You deserve to have fun in Ottawa this summer. This is why we made this list of MUST do's:

1. Stand Up Paddle boarding in the Ottawa River

In is fun to walk in the city, but it is even better to see the city from the water. You can now join a Stand Up Paddle board tour with your friends that brings you along the Parliament and historical buildings. Take a break and have a picnic next to the Ottawa locks, the best spot for #instagrampics #Ottawasup. Plus get splashed by the beautiful Rideau Falls. Book your tour today!

2. Going down a Lazy River on a Floaty Just want to have a lazy day? The Gatineau river is perfect for you.

Drive to Wakefield, just 30 minutes from Ottawa. From there you can drive up steam and float all the way down back to the town! The best way is on a Paddle Board. Float all the way down without having to paddle! Just chill and brings friends and some drinks. Rent your SUP in Ottawa and drive up stream the river where you start your 'Lazy River Day' down to Wakefield. You can also arrange a pick up and drop off with Sup Adventures so you don't need to walk all the way back to your starting point.

Call us! 819 664 5476 for pick up and drop off.

3. Picnic Up High The statue of Samuel de Champlain is a famous landmark in Ottawa.

But besides that it offers the best view of the city and Ottawa river. You can walk up there from the city center and bring a nice lunch. From there you can see the history museum, Alexandria bridge and Parliament.

4. Waterfall Trail If you you want to see more waterfalls after your Stand Up Paddle board tour along the Rideau falls, go climb the Luxville Falls trail.

Just a 30 minute drive from Ottawa city center, the view over the Quebec farmlands is very much worth it. It starts off as an easy climb but can get quite steep before the top. Bring good quality hiking shoes and water.

Enjoy your Ottawa Summer! #standuppaddleboarding #suprental #hiking #lazyriver


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