Learn paddle boarding, then go rafting! 2x Water Adventure in Ottawa.

We decided to take it up a notch and put our paddle-skills to the test. Two days ago we went wild water rafting! Here is a quick recap with all the wild rapid details.

Sup Adventures is collaborating with OWL rafting. They provided us with a day full of adventure in the water! At noon we arrived at their rafting resort, which is a beautiful and large wooden building. Right at the waterfront, included with sauna and fireplace.. in case you are cold after splashing in the big rapids!

Our day started with a warm welcome and greeting by all the staff and rafting instructors. Followed by a briefing with instructions and safety aspects.

We put ourselves in a wetsuit, life-jacket and bright blue helmet, and were ready to go! After a short bus ride through the lush forest, we arrived at the rafts. We hopped in and paddled towards our first rapid! Whoosh, this rapid was just like (but more fun than - ) a roller coaster. We dove nose first in the wild water, followed by a big wave that took our raft all the way up to the top of its rushing water only to drop us straight down after.

After this thrill, we had time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings as the river carried our raft along rocky cliffs, different trees and little islands. We flew through more rapids and then it was time to surf! It goes like this: we paddle backwards into a wave and our guide tries to keep the raft there so we can surf the wave. We did it!!! But after about 5 seconds the raft decided it was enough and in the water we went! #adventure #fun

The Ottawa River water was still quite cold - so the surfing was optional because there is a high chance of flipping! But we did it anyway. Freezing but happy we continued our adventure. It started raining, but it really did not affect everyone's mood :)

We went head first (literally) in some more big rapids, took a short break where we were provided with snacks and then we paddled to the pontoon that picked us up to bring us back to OWL. On the pontoon we enjoyed a big dinner fresh from the BBQ with vegetarian and vegan options.

Thanks Owl Rafting for hosting Sup Adventures!

Everyone: after paddle boarding with us, make sure to drive up to 40 OWL Lane, Foresters Falls for yet another amazing paddle adventure.


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