How To Stay In Shape With SUP!

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Paddle board Yoga

Yoga is amazing for the mind, body and soul. What is your favorite yoga pose? Try it on a paddle board! When you are doing yoga on a paddle board you are working on your stability. Your core, leg and arm muscles are extra engaged as you find your balance on the SUP. It is super fun, don't worry if you fall of your board a couple of times. Paddle Board yoga is also calming as you get a floating sensation. You hear the rippling of the water under your board and the breeze of the wind. Want to try paddle board yoga in Ottawa or Gatineau? Give us a call at 819-664-5476 to schedule a SUP yoga class.

Paddle Board rental

When you paddle board you use more muscles than you think! For a proper stance on your sup board it's best to bend your knees a little bit. You will engage your upper leg muscles, calves and glutes. When you paddle, make sure the blade is fully submerged in the water so you feel resistance. A great exercise for your upper arms! Paddle fast to get your heartbeat up in the cardio zone. Rent a paddle board in Ottawa or Gatineau to start your fun paddle board work-out.

Paddle Board Tour

Instead of renting a SUP, you can also join a Sup Adventures paddle board tour or lesson. It is important to know how to use the equipment before starting a work-out! During a paddle board lesson you will learn all the ins and outs about SUP. How to adjust your paddle, how to make a full turn and how to not hurt your back or knees. Then it is time for a fun paddle session around the Lac Leamy fountain, woohoo! Book your lesson or tour today.

Paddle Board Fitness

Want to take it a level higher? You can do all kinds of exercises on a paddle board.

A fun sequence example:

  • Paddle 30 times (15 on each side)

  • 10 Push-ups on your board

  • Paddle 30 times (15 on each side)

  • 15 Squats on your board while holding the paddle horizontally

  • Paddle 30 times (15 on each side)

  • Plank for 60 seconds on your board

  • Paddle 30 times (15 on each side)

  • 15 Burpees (with or without a jump)

  • Paddle 30 times (15 on each side)

  • Downward Dog Stretch

Want to book a private Paddle Board fitness class with friends? Give us a call! 819-664-5476.

Buy a Pink Bamboo SUP

Dragging yourself to the gym? No thanks! By now you have found out how fun it is to work on your fitness on a paddle board. And you can now work out in style.. on our Canadian designed inflatable paddle boards. Available in bamboo pink, blue-pink and blue-yellow.

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